Takeda AS Kiritsuke - 240mm

Kiritsuke is an all purpose knife, but used by only the most skilled.  Takeda Hamono kiritsuke is double beveled.

Blade Length:  approximately 240mm in length
Blade Width from Spine to Edge at the Heel: 52.97mm
Blade Width from Spine to Edge Right Before Tip: 49.2mm
Blade Width at Heel: 2.8mm
Blade Width Right Before Tip: .89mm 

Takeda Blacksmith was founded in 1920 and moved to Niimi, Okayama in Japan in 1951.

The third generation master blacksmith, Shosui Takeda has succeeded in forging blades from the high quality carbon steel, Aogami Super Steel (AS) from the famous Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

Forged entirely by hand, Takeda “AS” blades have a hardness of 61-63 HRC.  Initially after the quenching process, the blades have a hardness 67 HRC, and after two days and two nights of tempering, they are brought down to a more user-friendly hardness, which makes them extremely resilient, but easy to sharpen.