Konosuke - Sakura Petty - 150mm

Konosuke-Sakai has created a sakura pattern line in a few series.  This is one of them.  The sakura is known in different parts of Asia for its striking beauty.  This knife is even more stunning in person and in your hands.  The 150mm petty is a perfect size for small jobs, and even more useful than a paring knife since it's a little bit bigger.  

This knife comes with a wooden saya.

Konosuke Sakai is from Osaka, Japan. They began in 1932 as "Kawamura Teishichi Shoten", a small manufacturing and wholesale knife company. The building was burned down by tan air raid in the war of 1945, so the business was temporarily closed. In 1948, they reopened and built very strong ties with restaurant/sushi chefs and home cooks alike. Their company became known as Kawamura Shoten Co. in 1969 and opened the head office four years later. In 1990, they were renamed Kaneshige Cutlery Co. Finally, Konosuke as we know it, materialized as the knife sector of the company, and their website went live. This opened the doors to world wide trade since.  Check out their website!